Personality Development Course

With the changing educational trends, versatility in educational course, availability of masses of qualified personnel, the competition for job acquisition and job sustainability has become a huge challenge for the students today.
To get an edge over the competitors, students need to add values to their hard skills with soft skills to exhibit their true potential.

Hard Skills Soft Skills
Hard skills are academic skills, experience and level of expertise. Soft Skills are self- developed, interactive, Communication, human & transferable skills.
It contributes to only 15% of success. 85% is made by soft skills.

With the onset of economic liberalization/globalization, the Indian market is also getting global, that’s why the attributes of soft skills have become imperative to be imbibed by Indian Youth to show their real potential at intra & international levels.

B.S. presents a tailor made program for addressing these needs.

Presentation Skills:-
(i) Stage fear & how to get rid of it.
(ii) Judging Audience needs.
(iii) How to structure powerful presentations.
(iv) How to develop skills & confidence in delivering effective presentations.
(v) Role of body language.

Communication Skills:-
(i) Effective & ineffective communication.
(ii) Listening skills.
(iii) Giving & receiving feedback.
(iv) Identifying communication styles.
(v) Understanding non-verbal behaviour.
(vi) Getting along with others- Boss, colleagues, Juniors.
(vii) Communicating on the Telephone effectively.

Spoken English:-
(i) Principles of Pronunciation.
(ii) Fluency & correctness.
(iii) Conversation Skills.
(iv) Confidence & skills in using English.
(v) Asking questions.
(vi) Listening skills.

Written Business Communication Skills :-
(i) Importance of Business. Communication in today’s world.
(ii) Designing Business letters.
(iii) Types of letters- Routine letter, Persuasive letters- Refusal letters,
Adjustment letters, credit & collection letters.
(iv) Writing effective E-mails.
(v) Report writing.
(vi) Minutes writing.

Facing Interviews & Group Discussions successfully:-
1. Resume v/s CV.
2. Writing resume.
3. GD techniques & practice sessions.
4. Preparing for interview.
5. Personal Interview.
6. Telephonic Interview.
7. Interview Etiquettes

Business Etiquettes:-
1. Meeting etiquette.
2. Personal etiquette.
3. Behaviour at work.
4. Small talk etiquette.

The above mentioned modules can be tailored as per your unique requirement & schedule. It provides excellent life & personality skills to the students & a smooth, effective transition from college to corporate.